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Celebration for 100 years of our winery!

In the presence of the Deputy Minister of Rural Development, Mr. Georgios Stylios, the great celebration of the Megaron Viticulture Cooperative - Gerania Wines took place at noon on Sunday, October 23, 2022, on the occasion of the completion of 100 years since the establishment of the Winery. The President of the Megaron Viticultural Cooperative, Mr. Panagiotis Papapaulos, as well as the Director, Mr. Panagiotis Manolopoulos, welcomed both the official guests, as well as many fellow citizens who participated in the celebration of 100 years of productive progress in the field of wine, to the premises of the Cooperative. The event was graced by the presence of the Mayor of Megara, Mr. Grigoris Stamoulis, the Vice-President of the Parliament, Mr. Thanasis Bouras, the Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr. Giorgos Kotsiras, the Secretary of the Parliament - Member of Parliament, Mr. Liakos Evangelos, the politician of the N.D. . Mr. Stamatis Poulis, the former Deputy Minister of Development - Member of Parliament for Eastern Attica Mr. Georgios Vlachos, the head of the Secretariat of Agricultural Organizations of the N.D. Mr. Karasarinis Andreas, the member of the P.E. of N.D. Mr. George Sakellariou, Mr. Yiannis Brachos (representative of West Attica MP of SYRIZA Mr. Giorgos Tsipras), the member of the Central Committee of PASOK Mr. Dimitris Papagiannaros, the head of the Agricultural Sector of the K.K.E. Mr. Babis Theodorou and a number of municipal councilors of the municipality of Megareon.

From the Cooperative Movement of Vintners, present were the president of KEOSOE-Keosoe Winery Mr. Christos Markou and the president of the National Interprofessional Organization of Vine & Wine (EDOAO) Mr. Konstantinos Efstathiou. Its president Mr. Panagiotis Papapaulos spoke about the history of the Megaron Viticultural Cooperative and also about the realization of the idea of ​​establishing the Winery, while the future goals of the Cooperative were analyzed by its Director - Oenologist Mr. Panagiotis Manolopoulos.

Wishes for the continuation of the creative course of the Megaron Viticulture Cooperative were sent through the short presentations by the official guests, while the cycle of presentations was closed by the Deputy Minister of Rural Development, Mr. George Stylios, sending a message especially to the young people to engage in viticulture.

Great was the emotion of everyone during the awarding of the commemorative plaques. By decision of the Board of Directors Persons such as the President of the Megara Viticultural Cooperative, Mr. Panagiotis Papapavlos, were honored for his many years of contribution to the Cooperative, Mr. Spyros Benardis as one of the oldest winegrowers in Megara, while Mr. Giorgos Benardis, who is the newest member of the Viticultural Cooperative, he was honored as a young viticulturist, an award of special significance.

We thank all those who honored with their presence the great celebration of the Viticulture Cooperative.

Moreover, we thank our fellow citizens, Mr. Tassos Pantazis and Sotiris Kastanis for their help in setting up the anniversary event, Antonis Ypsilantis for the presentation, Chef Giorgos Samouris for the delicious dishes he created for our guests, The Flower Lab for the wonderful decorations, the musicians, the Choreographer Ms. Kelly Dritsa, the Choreographer Mr. George Varelas, Mr. Miltiadis Katrakoulis, but also the members of the Alkathos & Karia Group who gave a special note to the event and all those who contributed to make the event happen!


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