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ΟNAR Moschofilero

  • · Type of wine: Dry White 

    · Category: P.G.E. Peloponnese 

    · Variety: Moschofilero 100% 

    · Region: From vineyards of Mantineia 

    · Harvest: 2022

    · Altitude: 450 m. 

    · This is a new approach to the possibilities of the Moschofilero variety, combining aroma complexity, immeasurable freshness and flavor volume. 

    · Vinification: Cold extraction for 8 hours at 5° C, fermentation at 13° C. Wine stays in tank for 3 months.

    · Organoleptic characteristics: Bright white-yellow color. Rose and citrus aromas. Cool in the mouth with good acidity and a balanced taste. Rich flavor volume and lively freshness dominate, dressed with aromas of bergamot, citrus and lemon. 

    Serving suggestions: Accompany it with milk veal, brisket, goat, poultry, risottos and vegetable or saffron porridges, cured meats and rich creamy cheeses, carbonara and lemony baked goat or fricassee. 


    · Alcohol content: 12.5%

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